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What our clients say about ZIVVER:

ZIVVER offers a safe channel, verifies the recipient, and involves the user in this process. This powerful combination was the decisive factor for us.

Annemiek Knipscheer 

Information Security Officer (ISO) at SJG Weert Ziekenhuis

My colleagues’ awareness of the presence of privacy-sensitive information has definitely increased.

Evelien van Beek 

Application and system manager at Schouten Zekerheid

ZIVVER is the only solution that offers us complete control over our email traffic from start to finish.

IT Advisor at Veiligheidsregio Noord-Holland Noord

Oliver McLean

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Smart business rules identify sensitive information and analyses the recipient. You receive an alert if ‘conspicuous recipients’ have not yet received this type of sensitive information before.

Prevent human error

Keep your existing software

With ZIVVER you work securely within your normal environment (such as Outlook). ZIVVER works on desktop, iOS and Android.

Strong encryption

Automatic TLS-secured connections and asymmetric zero-knowledge encryption offer protection. Confidential is truly confidential.

Transferring files up to 5TB

Transfer files up to 5TB right from your regular email client, regardless of any mailbox restrictions. Say goodbye to unsecure online file transfer services.