While human error remains the primary cause of data leaks, many security solutions focus on encryption only. ZIVVER’s military grade and user-friendly encryption provides a strong foundation to help organizations prevent data leaks.

Core focus on preventing data leaks

How ZIVVER can help
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Real-time detection of unintended recipients

Preventing misaddressed emails requires detecting a spectrum of anomalies. Many security tools can only prompt users based on white/or black lists, not on intelligence. ZIVVER develops and continuously adapts the user's context model to enhance the capacity to detect any anomalies.

Features designed to actively monitor for error prevention

Think about features like Message Classification, military grade encryption, strong user and recipient authentication, Message Retraction, Activity Trails and Data Logging.

Effective and affordable setup and maintenance

ZIVVER maintains out-of-the box classifiers and business rules. This means that organizations don't need to do any extra work to define and maintain data classifiers. This saves your staff valuable time, while also minimizing the risk of human error occuring during this unnecessary process. 


What our clients say about ZIVVER:

ZIVVER offers a safe channel, verifies the recipient, and involves the user in this process. This powerful combination was the decisive factor for us.

Annemiek Knipscheer 

Information Security Officer (ISO) at SJG Weert Ziekenhuis

My colleagues’ awareness of the presence of privacy-sensitive information has definitely increased.

Evelien van Beek 

Application and system manager at Schouten Zekerheid

ZIVVER is the only solution that offers us complete control over our email traffic from start to finish.

IT Advisor at Veiligheidsregio Noord-Holland Noord

Oliver McLean

  • Increased need for more robust and modern email security solutions

  • A modern and user-friendly solution

  • What securing outbound email and file transfers entails

  • Securing outbound emails can help address operational challenges

  • The enhanced value that email security can bring
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